2010 marked the 50th year of the department of economics. It started with 1 professor and 49 students in 1960, graduating 27 of its very first cohort in 1964.

The department hired the first generation of prestigious Korean economists educated in foreign countries in the 60s and the 70s. It was the only Korean economics department with innovative curriculum, comparable with the top US schools at the time and its outstanding faculty members made major contribution to vastly improving the quality of economic education not only in the department but also in the whole country.

   Sogang economics faculty and its education, called the ‘Sogang College of Economics’ greatly contributed to the economic development plans of South Korea and cultivating human resources, through practical research and cutting edge education based on modern economic theory. The department started to earn international acclaim following the inception of Sogang economic research institute, launched by the department in 1964. The institute obtained several research projects from USOM (United States Operations Mission), the US aid program at the time, and the impressive output was internationally recognized.

In educating its students, the department enforced stringent attendance rules to the students. It was the first department to use the English textbooks used in the top US departments, and provided the first modern curriculum made up of microeconomics and macroeconomics in Korea. Such effectiveness in economic education resulted in numerous outstanding graduates who actively participated in formulating plans for South Korean economic development and developing the public policy for the South Korean government.

Firmly based on its academic and education excellence, the department founded the graduate school in 1968. In 1970, when Sogang became a multi-school university, the department formed the college of business and economics with the department of business administration and the department of international trade. The economics department became a school on its own in 1990, with 200 students in each cohort. In 1991 the department established a professional school, the graduate school of economic policy. In 1999, it was ranked number 1 among social science schools in the nation by BK21 (Brain Korea 21).

   After 2000, the department of economics which always strive for academic success is once again distinguished as the ‘New Sogang College of Economics’ through many of its graduates who are actively making great contributions in various fields of finance such as banking, investment and insurance. The department will continue to provide top quality education through incessant recruitment of exceptional faculty members, and through supporting quality economic research.