Nam Duck-woo Economic Research Institute was established with the aim to promote Korea’s market economy through education, policy research, and formulation of ideology.

Under the purpose of the development of the market economy in Korea,

our research institute aims to "reignite Korea’s engine of economic growth“

by pursuing "the harmony of market economy and government policy"

and contributing to "the creation of a free and fair market system“

To this end,

we intend to become a "platform of economic policy evaluation and development"

as well as "the cradle of economic education and economic ideology."

Main activities
1. Conducting basic research on the development of the market economy

2. Conducting procured research projects from external institutions

3. Holding research seminars, conferences, and public lectures and publishing academic research papers and books

4. Academic exchange with other domestic and foreign research institutes

5. Supporting educational projects to promote a correct understanding of the market economy